I am really, really excited about this. It is my first ever release of original song material for all the world to see. While it's only a few of many that I have in my arsenol, I knew I needed at least three polished recordings to show for myself. I chose these three to record because they're vastly different from one another in regards to the guitar playing style, structure, and lyrical content. I tend to write finger picking songs, as you will likely come to know as I continue to release tracks. "Hold Your Breath" was written to the first finger picking pattern I ever came up with. The other two songs, "Timing" and "Hello/Goodbye", are newer, and were written at a time when I'd been trying to diversify my guitar playing style. Feedback thus far has been very positive, so if you take a listen and like what you hear, share it with your friends!!

til next time,


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