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My name is Charlie Harrington. I was born in Rochester, NY, before moving to Boulder, Colorado for a few years. I returned to Rochester to attend middle and high school before moving to New York City


I also...


am an actor. I graduated from NYU's Tisch school of the arts after having studied at Playwrights Horizons Theatre School, Stonestreet Film Studios, and The New Studio for musical theatre. Having professional training that spans from film acting to contact improv to musical theatre has helped me become a well rounded, versatile actor.  The connections I've made at these institutions are invaluable, and I make it a priority to keep in touch with those I've met along the way.


I also...


write songs. Lyrics were my doodling in high school. At the time, they seemed fleeting and inconsequential; I never thought anything would come of the habit. However, I have paired my lyricism up with some newfound music theory know-how, and I can confidently say I've got some good tunes up my sleeve. Some of them can be heard here in all their glory. Others are still in the incubator, soon to be posted on the site.


I also...


play the guitar and banjo. The first instrument I tried to tackle was the piano. Due to an abundance of frustration and a lack of inspiration in regards to clunking those keys, I asked for a guitar for christmas when I was 14. Santa gave me my wish, and I haven't put it down since. Except, however, to pick up a banjo. When I began to develop a pretty solid finger picking technique, I wondered if the banjo would be a good fit for me. Santa came through for me again and I received my first banjo a few years ago. Both instruments are wonderful passions of mine, and I will continue to showcase them on this website through my singer/songwriter endeavors.


I also...


write stories. Many of my songs happen to be story songs, but I also write theatre and screenplays. Five of my semesters at NYU consisted of playwriting classes, and my time at Stonestreet Studios provided me with screenwriting instruction, as well. I've written short films that were featured in film contests in Rochester, NY. I also wrote the book and lyrics for a children's musical featured in the Rochester Theatre Fringe Festival. My time spent at NYU has resulted in a handful of original 10 minute plays, along with a full one-act play.


I hope you enjoy my website.



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